Matthew Yau
M Eng

London Office
Director of Lloyd Warwick International (London). Matthew's areas of expertise include HV/DC Transmission assets, Rotating Machinery, Renewable Energy - specialising in Offshore & Onshore Wind, Biomass, Hydroelectric and Photovoltaics. Matthew is an expert mediator and handler of large and complex property damage claims.

Matthew graduated from Queen Mary University with an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been working in the loss adjusting industry since 2005, he brings a wealth of experience in the Renewable Energy and Power distribution sectors.  He has been heavily involved in the fast and exciting growth in offshore wind, working on various large scale projects across the globe:

  • 300MW Wind Farm – Offshore South East, UK
  • 504MW Wind Farm – Offshore South East, UK
  • 850MW Wind Farm – Offshore West Midlands, UK
  • 108MW Wind Farm – Offshore Netherlands
  • 300MW Wind Farm – Offshore Belgium
  • 105MW Wind Farm – Onshore Ukraine (foundation issues and blade damages)
  • 92.5MW Wind Farm – Onshore Poland (substation and turbine transformer failures, foundation issues, switch gear failures)
  • 135MW Wind Farm – Onshore Turkey (lightning damage  / transit damage / turbine collapse / gear box failures)
  • 143MW Wind Farm – Onshore Turkey (vandalism, various turbine damage)
  • 60MW Wind Farm – Onshore Bulgaria (blade damages)
  • 46MW Wind Farm – Onshore Scotland (theft of equipment and property damage)
  • 61MW Wind Farm – California (Various electrical / mechanical failures)
  • 85MW PV Array – South Africa (Transit / Various Lightning damage events)

Complimenting his work on Renewable Energy, Matthew has worked on a variety of Upstream & Downstream property damage claims across the globe involving losses on Submarine Power Cables, Flexible Risers & Umbilicals, FPSO’s, Drill ships, Offshore Platforms, Refining and Rotating machinery:

  • 580km, 450kV – HVDC Submarine Interconnector in Europe
  • 120km, 400kV  – HVDC Submarine Interconnector in the UAE
  • Motors, Generators, Stators failures – global
  • Drill Ship commissioning & hydraulic failures – South Korea
  • FPSO Hull Damage – Offshore Brazil
  • FPSO Umbilical failure – Offshore Canada
  • FPSO power distribution failure – Offshore West Africa
  • Refinery fire – Egypt
  • Refinery fire – West Africa
  • Platform fire – Offshore Netherlands


Publications include:

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‘Britain’s expansion in offshore wind’ – POST Magazine, 17 March 2010

‘Offshore Renewable Energy Offshore Market faces a headwind’ – Clyde & Co, 9 July 2012

‘Offshore challenges Claims Experience from the Renewable Sector’, London Power Forum 2012