John Reid BSc Mech Eng

London Office
Director of LWI London. Specialist Engineer with 39 years’ experience in upstream oil and gas projects, with 26 years gained as an Engineer / Project Manager in offshore exploration and production, and the last 13 years adjusting offshore construction, operations and well insurance claims. Areas of expertise include: engineering, construction and operation of offshore well systems, subsea production and FPSO Systems: offshore well and subsea systems construction operations supervision. Offshore energy insurance claims including physical damage (PD), operators extra expense (OEE), business interruption (BI) and liabilities.

John graduated from Aberdeen University in 1977 with a BSc Hons Degree in Mechanical Engineering. During a 26 year career as an Engineer / Projects Manager in the exploration and production sector of the offshore oil and gas industry he was involved on several major development projects worldwide, specialising in well engineering and well site operations, subsea / floating production systems engineering and construction,  including deep water drilling, and production technologies. His most recent projects were FPSO development projects in the UK North Sea and Brazil.

Between 1999 and 2003 he worked with Bateman Chapman Limited (BCL) as a consultant on well systems insurance claims and disputes. Since joining BCL (later CTA, then LWI) full time in 2004 John has been extensively involved in offshore oil and gas energy insurance claims worldwide, involving property damage, construction, business interruption and OEE / control of well claims. He has gained experience in managing specialist claims and his record includes the following:

  • Major North Sea incidents (2) where FPSO lost station and caused extensive damage to turret, dynamic risers and seafloor architecture
  • Gulf of Mexico hurricane, PD / OEE / BI / CBI losses in 2004, 2005 and 2008
  • Jack up drill rig lost stability and impacted wellhead platform – Offshore Mexico
  • Fire in FPSO Gas Compression Module – Offshore Australia
  • Fire which destroyed Gas Compression Platform – Offshore GOM
  • Offshore / Onshore control of well (inc. HP/HT) and blow-out losses, several worldwide.
  • FPSO / subsea systems construction and operations losses worldwide.
  • Offshore jack up and semi sub rig drilling / system losses including major loss offshore Canada
  • Platform / TLP / Spar construction and operations losses in Europe, GOM and W. Africa
  • Subsea multi-phase booster pump system losses
  • Offshore gas transportation system losses inc. PD / LOTI