Gregor Reid

London Office
Since joining LWI in November 2013, Greg has gained experience working on claims in various areas of the Energy market, including Renewables, both onshore and offshore, as well as up and downstream oil and gas claims.

He has worked both as a team member on a number of larger offshore claims as well as managing a portfolio of property damage and construction losses.

Specific activities include claims analysis, causation studies and RCA, cost audits and adjustment, preparation of quantum / adjustment models for BI & DSU, and reporting.

Some specific examples of claims he has worked on include:

  • Offshore & onshore cable failures
  • WTG Blade damage & failures
  • Transformer failures
  • Total loss of onshore turbine
  • Snow damage to solar site during construction
  • Subsea multi-phase booster pump systems
  • FPSO infrastructure and loss of station.
  • Offshore Congo construction TLP & subsea production systems
  • Onshore drill rigs
  • Tidal CAR claims