Dudley Chapman

London Office
A career energy loss adjuster having been involved in all aspects of energy related insurance claims for in excess of 40 years. Experience with construction, operating, subsea, business interruption, pollution, drilling, hurricane, legal, contractual and third party liabilities, recoveries and all other aspects. An independent, qualified CEDR registered mediator, arbitrator and consultant to the insurance industry, dealing with a number of high profile Market/Assured disputes. Lectures extensively, particularly on construction issues and is involved with the London markets on the writing of new and improved policy forms.

Dudley has handled on behalf of Lloyd’s and international Insurers many of the largest losses ever to hit the insurance markets;

  • Piper Alpha, July 1988 Instructed by all Insurers to orchestrate a settlement following the Piper Alpha disaster. To this day, this remains the largest single loss ever to be recorded in the Construction Portfolio. Dudley successfully concluded all aspects of the claims from all participants including, but not limited to, physical damage, liabilities, personal injuries, redrilling, loss of production and subsea pipelines.
  • Sleipner A, August 1991 One of the largest concrete platforms ever constructed, the Sleipner, lost a Gravity Base when it sank during mating in a fjord in Norway. Dudley was responsible for negotiating settlement for all of the construction claims and replacement activities, successfully overseeing a satisfactory conclusion, having regard to the unique and bespoke policy language.
  • Goodwyn, October 1992 The Goodwyn steel platform in Australia suffered substantial piling problems. Dudley worked throughout 1992 and 1993 to bring about a successful resolution of a $500M claim on behalf of all markets.
  • Petrobras P36, March 2001 The P36 floundered off Brazil with the loss of 11 lives. Dudley was actively involved on behalf of the Construction¬†Insurers in a delicate coinsurance contribution issue for, what was at the time, the largest ever floating production system ever constructed. The eventual settlement was agreed via mediation.
  • Buncefield, December 2005 The Buncefield explosion bought about significant claims for damage to third party property. There were in excess of 500 significant claims for PD, BI and ancillary costs. Many of these claims were settled by way of mediation and a novel parallel process designed to operate in conjunction with but not in place of the legal process. Dudley was heavily involved in successfully mediating many of the major claims.
  • Hurricanes Gustav & Ike, September 2008 These two hurricanes swept through the Gulf of Mexico causing substantial damage both offshore and onshore. Dudley was responsible for settlement of many of the larger claims, some of which were in excess of $1 billion. All of this work was effected by discussion and mediation and none of the claims resulted in legal disputes.


Mediation & Arbitration

In recent years, Dudley has established a mediation and arbitration practice. He specialises, using his depth of knowledge in both of the energy markets and insurance, on mediation and arbitration work, often resulting in the satisfactory resolution of substantial disputes. He has successfully assisted in resolving a number of disputes between policyholders and insurers as well as conducting mediations wholly unassociated with energy or insurance issues. Dudley has been regularly involved in the resolution of inter-market disputes. He also sits as an arbitrator and is involved in expert witness and market advice generally. Matters of mediation and arbitration are confidential and are therefore not expanded upon in this resume.