Rob Blunden ACLA, ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) CIP

Sydney Office
Rob is an experienced qualified Insurance Industry professional with more than 25 years experience. Specialising in adjusting and claims management of complex high value property/engineering damage and business interruption claim matters for corporate, government, global and multi-national clients in the areas of power generation, energy, mining, construction and heavy industry. Rob previously held the position of Head of Property & Energy Claims and Head of Technical Claims Property Energy & Engineering at Zurich Insurance Australia. Prior to that Rob was a Major Loss Adjuster at AIG and General Adjuster at FM Global. Rob has been responsible for major losses in Asia Pacific, Europe & Middle East, South Africa and USA

Claims Experience:

Power Generation Australia

  • QLD – lead onshore LNG Pipeline & LNG refinery Infrastructure construction losses
  • QLD – Power Station coal pit dragline breakdown
  • QLD – Power Station draft fan multiple blade failures.
  • QLD – A$30M 443MW Power Station transformer and generator breakdown
  • WA – A$6M 320MW Combined Cycle power plant turbine vane carrier breakdown.
  • South Aust – 4 x 90MW Coal Fired Power Stations blade & rotating equipment claims
  • NSW – A$20 Million NSW 1320MW power station step-up transformer fire and BI.
  • QLD – A$18 Million 1560MW Power Station generator breakdown and BI
  • Numerous Queensland Power Station losses including turbine blade failure, transformer breakdown, Steam water ingress, Stator winding failure

Energy & Resources

  • QLD – Coal Mine high-wall collapse
  • QLD – Assist $500M Coal Mine flood and consequential losses
  • NSW – Paper Mill black liquor recovery boiler (BLRB) explosion and fire.
  • NSW – $5M Mineral Sands Wet Concentrator Plant (WCP) failure & Contingent BI
  • UK – US$100M Ammonia Plant turbine fire and BI
  • Egypt – Methanol Plant, various construction and DSU claims
  • Kazakhstan – US$1M PetroChem Training centre fire
  • Norway – EU5M Global undersea cabling manufacturing plant explosion
  • QLD – Coal Terminal coal loader fire
  • WA – Nickel Mine autoclave implosion & Contingent BI loss in Finland refinery
  • Varanus Island CAT team 2008 CBI claims.

Construction and Infrastructure

  • QLD – lead $200M Road construction collapse. Advanced Con Loss & LEG 3
  • NSW – lead $40M Metropolitan rail project MD and ACL claims
  • NSW – lead $140M Road construction defects claim
  • NSW – lead 250M U/W adjuster Desalination Plant
  • QLD – lead LNG Refinery & Pipeline construction claims
  • VIC – $5M Cinema fire construction project Melbourne CBD 2005

Industrial and Heavy Industry

  • Major Australian sport stadium – $15M Hail Damage cat Loss
  • Global Pharmaceutical Cat losses Sydney Hail 2015
  • NSW – lead Adjuster $80M Global manufacturing plant fire, Including cross border CBI
  • UK /Switzerland – GBP£20M Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plant fire including contingent Business Interruption losses
  • South Africa  – GBP£6M manufacturing plant fire Johannesburg
  • Israel – Defence Contractor losses
  • Egypt – Cement Plant fire and contingent BI loss
  • NSW – $10M Glass Furnace refractory breakdown.
  • Aus: Global Construction Materials Supplier ; Numerous rotating kiln breakdowns, cement plant, lime plant, brick plant.
  • Sydney – $25M Global Construction Supplier metro concrete plant collapse metro
  • NSW – $5M Food Distribution warehouse hail damage NSW

Global CAT Response

  • Headed Zurich CAT Response Cyclone Debbie 2017
  • New Zealand CAT team EQ2 2011
  • QLD – Cyclone Yasi CAT team 2011 including $45 Million sugar refinery wharf
  • Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 Business Interruption Losses
  • QLD Cyclone Larry CAT Team 2006
  • FM Global CAT response Tennessee Tornadoes 2003