Benjamin Jones

Sydney Office
Benjamin is a Director based in Sydney having spent several years in our London head office. Benjamin has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and brings previous experience as an Engineer for Oil & Gas major Shell to this role, along with experience working on large and complex losses in the energy, mining, power generation and renewable energy sectors.


  • Onshore and Offshore Production Facilities
  • Onshore Pipelines
  • Oil Refineries and Tank Farms
  • Loss of Production Income

Renewable Energy

  • Onshore and Offshore Wind: Blades, Main Bearings, Gearboxes, Generators, Transformers, Bedplates, Tower Sections, Foundations and Cables
  • Solar (Photovoltaics): Modules, Combiner Boxes, Inverters, Transformers, Trackers, Cables
  • Synchronous Condenser
  • Geothermal Power Plant

Power Generation & Transmission

  • Grid Transformers and Connection Assets
  • Subsea Cables including Joint Failures
  • Onshore HV Cables
  • Gas Turbines

Miscellaneous & Engineering

  • Mining Plant and Machinery
  • Ports and Terminals
  • Metals Recycling Plant
  • Warehouse Facilities